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07 Şub Çar


The Soulist Coffee & Music House

DDR Rock Band

D.D.R. – Dead Dog Rentals - Brand New Act Live on The Soulist Stage!

DDR Rock Band
DDR Rock Band

Zaman & Yer

07 Şub 2024 21:30 GMT+2

The Soulist Coffee & Music House, Kyrenias, Aglantzia 99350

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D.D.R. – Dead Dog Rentals

D.D.R is a Cypriot rock band formed originally in 2015 by Frontman Ed Sezener, Drummer Berke Kayhan and Bassist Adem Nedim, They recently reformed in 2023 after a 6 year break with new bassist Arman Tatlicioglu. Dead Dog Rentals play a mixture of Genres from Rock, Rock/Funk and Punk. They are Currently working on a debut album

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