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Alsancak'ta The Soulist Coffee & Music House'dayız. İstanbul'da grubu Soul Stuff ile yıllardır, sayısız geceler dinlediğim ultra yetenekli müzisyen dostum Alper Cengiz ve şahane müzisyen dostları dönüşümlü olarak sahneye çıkıyor, jam-session'ın dibine vuruyoruz. Gülse ile ortak arkadaşımız Alper ve hadiseye de zaten Gülse uyandırmış bizi...

Çok yorgunuz ama müzikle dinleniyoruz. Gece uzuyor, uzasın istiyoruz, pilimiz bitmiş vaziyette doluştuğumuz minibüsle otele dönerken  rock ilahlarına da bir kartpostal yollamayı ihmal etmiyorum.

Kanat Akkaya / Hürriyet

On your arrival you will be greeted by the friendly staff and owners. We have visited several times and each time we have not been disappointed with the entertainment provided, which is one of the best on the island. One of our favourite events is the Jazz and Brunch morning, which happens once a month and definitely not to be missed if you are on the Island. Food is not available on a regular basis but you can get a cake with your coffee and on special occasions snacks are available. However, entertainment is always available.

Müthiş ve harika bir mekan

İstanbul da ki programlarını kaçırmadığımız Alper Cengiz Soul Stuff solistine ait müthiş ve harika bir mekan. Tabi ki Kıbrıs a böyle bir mekan şarttı. Herbi muhteşem, gelip görmeden Kıbrıs i terketmeyiniz 🎸✌😉

Alper Cengiz, gitarist arkadaşı Naim Karadağ ile Bee Gees'in en sevdiğim şarkılarından biri olan " To Love Somebody "yi müthiş yorumla söylüyor.

Anlıyorum ki,yıllardır dinlediğim bu şarkının altında ağır blues yatıyormuş.

Size bir şey söyleyeyim. Sırf bu çocukları dinlemek için Girne'ye gidilir.

Ben öyle yapacağım.

I highly recommend visiting the Soulist! Artistically decorated, we felt so comfortable everyone was so friendly, the best coffee I had during my entire trip! Alper Cengiz on stage is mesmerizing! We had a fantastic time! Don't miss this place!

Harika müzik, harika ortam.

Harika müzik, harika ortam. Girne de alternatif müzik dinlemek, farklı bir akşam geçirmek için süper bir tercih. Güzel gruplar, güzel müzikler eğlenceli bir zaman. Kıbrısa gidilince mutlaka uğranılan yer. Eh tabi otelden çıkmak isteyenler için.

Çok iyi canlı müziği ararken Kıbrıs'ta bulmak...

Soulstuff grubunun solisti Alper Cengiz'n gündüz şahane kahveler, akşam on numara canlı müzik ikram ettiği hayalimizdeki  mahalle barı burası.

Mahalle barı için yeri biraz bana sapa. Olsun, Kıbrıs'a her dakika uçak var.

Gülse Birsel - Hürriyet

If you are a lover of any or all of the above this is must during your stay in TRNC, we went to a jazz night and a blues/rock night which were great as this is a small venue so you get a very different experience.There is live music 3 nights a week and then Sunday breakfast jazz, so plenty to choose from, or just go in the afternoon for coffee and homemade cake...delicious.

Rosemary P

We are here on a Friday night and there is a really cool live Reggae Band.
Good atmosphere , some seating but not all . Tall tables for standing is the majority . The band didn’t come on until after 10pm.
Note, there is no food sold here just crisps and popcorn, so eat before you come .
Most tables were reserved, so it seems like you need to book.
We didn’t but we were here from 9pm and hour before most people turned up

Leyla GR

Their jazz, blues and rock nights are all very good. There was a community choir in December and a Christmas Market and Classical concerts from time to time. Now they have jazz whilst helping yourselves to an excellent buffet breakfast. They even prepare a mean hot chocolate during the day. An all round, first-class, venue with a superb music themed decor. Keep it going Alper

Ginny Mint

If you ever end up in cyprus make sure to stop by this place on a wednesday , friday or saturday , this is by far my fav bar/coffeehouse in girne . Its not just the uniqueness of the place that bring me there over and over again but its also the friendly staff and the cozy atmosphere , oh and did i mention the fantastic bands that perform there almost every wednesday , friday and saturday .

M Atallah

A coffee bar with a difference with regular music spots of soul, blues, rock and jazz
The owner is a musician of growing reputation who plays a lot in,venues in Turkey. His musical mates are talented and perform both with Alper and without. Other groups (occasionally from ovwrseas)perform here and all of excellent standard.
Coffee and drinks are served but as yet no food menu.
The inside decor m arches the theme of soul music.

335 Marions

Went to see a Jazz singer here. 25tl entrance fee but worth it. A warm friendly welcome from staff and chatted to AK who was great fun.
Lovely seating area outside. Easy to get to on a dolmas from Kyrenia.
Drinks cheap and plentiful.
Will return when we return to TRNC

Nellie Nielow

Met the charming AK by day for a coffee and then booked for a music night.
COOL location just by thr Turk bank by the Naked Lady statue.
Well decked out and attracting a swanky set of peopke for the music night that we attended the next night.
COOL spot at night.
CHEERY and engaging staff.

Gary S

I've been coming in since he opened every time I have visited the TRNC. The live music is excellent - the owner (Alper) is a great musician and performer who ensures that anyone who gets up on his wee stage really knows what they are doing. It is a small place, but really friendly with a great vibe.

Even the background music played during the day when I drop in for coffee (and perhaps a brandy or two...) has been chosen with care - everything in the place reflects the owner's love and knowledge of good music. See him perform on a Wednesday. There are singers, and there are performers who capture a lot more than the notes and words of a song. Alper is a very good performer - when you see him you will understand what I am trying to convey.

I know several people who come from Girne out to Alsancak to this place - this was unheard of before Soulist opened. Go!

Capn Kenc

We had coffee, beer and brandy here a couple of times during our stay in Alsancak. There is live blues music on a Wednesday evening and jazz etc on Fridays. The staff are really friendly and explained to us how to get the bus to Kyrenia. The drinks are not expensive and the Wednesday night music is free. The interior reflects the music part of the bar and worth a photo opportunity.

Wendy A

This is quite possibly the best music bar in North Cyprus.
During the day it is a pretty good coffee house/bar with a good selection of coffee and drinks. In the evenings it turns into a bar proper, and on Wednesday nights there is live music from the owner, Alper Cengiz and various friends of his that turn up to play, always a fabulous night. At weekends they have various different offerings, always live, always good. Sometimes it's jazz, sometimes blues, soul or reggae and even Latin nights.
Drink prices are average, and although it is a small venue there is waiter service to your table. A definite plus is that no smoking is allowed inside.
Friendly people, fabulous music, a really hot venue, not to be missed.


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